Spell music, cathartic word & piano are the core elements and beating heart which nnothersday draws from,

tip-toe’ing genres into lusciously lucid aural blends to zig-zag smashing other variables together all with such multidextrous flare and finesse it’s hard to know what to anticipate from a nnothersday show, sound, tone or even official releases but you can be assured that every fractal of the notes you hear & artistic strokes you see comes from one of the most bled of hearts. 

nnothersday connects with the world like no other and has an ability to transcribe such a compassionate perspective and convert empathic emotions into formulated art, music and poetry transcending through the layers and textures of our reality in picturesque ambience, blissful cacophony’s & encapsulating the sound of duality and juxtaposition of metaphysical forces by hammering a single note into its own musical existence. 

She herself is the madness in which the method is perpetually developed, merging and improvising an abundance of styles and genres, this self thought pioneer entices and comforts the listener with a totally unique style of piano, there is no doubt much has been adopted from the signatures of math and jazz music as well as how slow time can move in her place of rebirth that is the west coast of Turtle Island, so if you’ve ever wondered what ‘slice of life’ over free form oriental piano paired with cacophnic drone sounded like or just wanted to be taken off through distant lands plucking on all the heart strings as both nnothersday and the piano bleed in unison then you gotta buy the ticket and take the ride as no two shows will ever be the same. 

Other times you will find nnothersday striped back from her highly produced shows and armed with just a single loop pedal, the vessel which has helped unlock the magical ability of spell music. These enchanting, ethereal soundscapes are induced through a variable of musical incantations which can appear in the form of didgeridoo, Mongolian throat singing and very acutely articulated abundance of words which acclimate into spells formed with musical ingredients and all of which allows you to transcend to a different place of consciousness. 

Deeply rooted in a “just feckin go and do it” attitude nnothersday has never been one follow the ordinary therefore shows can be very sporadic and in quite the ambitious settings as well as usually performing for at least 90mins and never shying short on theatrics or the finer details, everyone symbiotically resonating in the surrounding ambience of the vortex that is nnothersday  is such a uniquely shared moment in time it couldn’t possibly disappoint. 

Releasing her first official track later this year which aims to be a radio playable song in the art pop genre without deviating from the spell music arc whilst paying homage to digital dance and talking about the state of our planet, Re:Write is sure to have you drift through an amalgamation of noises, emotions and beats in this modern and semi futuristic tale of a “pop song”. 

Catch this Irish blooded multi instrumentalist and word smith in all her effervescent essence on a stage, in the streets or buried in nature where locations are divulged through cryptic puzzles and nuances as well as candle and moon lit trails.